Principal’s Message

Dato AR PeterAt Stella Maris, our curricular and co-curricular programmes’ are designed to inculcate values and the acquisition of skills which will contribute towards the development of our students’ spiritual, social, intellectual and physical growth. We encourage all our students to be actively involved in their clubs, societies and sports programmes, within school and outside school. We strive to unearth and develop the talents and capabilities in our students by providing them with opportunities to either explore or stage these talents through various avenues such as our school concert, public speaking competitions, inter-school activities, etc.

We also recognize the need to sensitize our students to the marginalized of our society – the aged, sick, physically and mentally challenged. Our students are provided with opportunities to visit and serve these people, through visits to hospitals and the respective homes. We want to heighten the awareness of our students of how blessed we are and learn to care and SHARE with the less fortunate, and value God’s gift to us.

Our ultimate goal at Stella Maris is to develop an all-rounded person who is exposed to different aspects of life. This will also help enhance their leadership roles and prepare them as professionals within the family and in society. We hope that all this exposure will carry them in good stead when they have to face the world and be a part of society. We acknowledge that all this development is underpinned with faith in God and love for country and all mankind, as we learn to live in a multiethnic, multi religious and multicultural country.

In order to achieve this vision we have a team of dedicated teachers (a happy blend of youth and experience) who are totally committed to their roles and responsibilities. We seek the support and cooperation of all parents, teachers and students who are partners in education. Our tripartite collaboration is essential for the full and balanced development of each student’s potential.

Please feel free to contact me at the School if you need further information or if you have any helpful suggestions for the School. Our doors are always open!

Thank you and God bless you and your loved ones.

Tokoh Guru Kebangsaan 1995