Admission Requirements & Procedures

Admission to Form One

  • The School admits students who have completed the UPSR in Year 6.
  • Students seeking admission are subject to an Assessment.
  • The Assessment includes a test on English, Bahasa Melayu and Mathematics.
  • The Assessment Test is normally conducted in the month of August.
  • The parents of those selected for admission will be notified by the school in the form of an offer letter.
  • Registration of the student will only be done after all fees due in the letter of offer are paid and the necessary documentation completed.

Admission to Form Two, Three and Four

  • Subject to vacancies available.
  • Candidates seeking admission are subject to an assessment as above.

Admission to Form Five

  • The school does not normally admit students into Form 5.

For more information, please enquire at the School Office.