Welcome to our School!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Stella Maris Schools’ Web Site. The Stella Maris schools come under the aegis of the Yayasan Tan Sri Dominic Vendargon. This web site has been designed to provide information on the school, its philosophy, curriculum and facilities. It also acts as a portal to a whole range of additional information on school activities and events, as well as providing links to a range of related sites.

As the schooling years are important and essential in the development of a child, the school you choose must be able to provide personalized attention to your children.

Stella Maris strives for academic excellence as well as excellence in character development. The school endeavours to develop and foster in today’s children those mental and physical qualities that will make them high achievers.

We cannot sufficiently stress the importance of sending your child to a proper school which can offer a good environment for positive interaction with others and the opportunity to develop personal initiative and enterprise. Our aim at Stella Maris is to fulfill all these positive needs.